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Cactus, Succulents and Desert Botannicals

About the cactus series.


As an introduction to this gallery and this collection of cactus and succulent paintings I will start by writing I am now a resident of Tucson, AZ.  This move to the desert was my first

real introduction to the world of desert botanicals. Many years ago when I was a young art

student one of my very first art classes was an introduction to the Golden Ratio and the

Fibonacci spiral or Fibonacci sequence.  I have never lost my fascination for the geometry in

nature.  This collection was  specifically painted to share my interest and enthusiasm of the

patterns we find in the natural world.


~ Pauline Savage ~

DB 28 Tobacco Tree
DB 27 Tobacco tree
DB 26 - Chiltenpin Pepper
CS1 Silver Arrow Cactus
CS2 Balloon Cactus
CS3 Pincushion cactus
CS4 Wave Cactus
CS5 Hedgehog cactus
CS6 Creeping Devil
CS7 Golden Barrel 1
CS8 Candelabra cactus
CS9 Balloon cactus 2 variegated
CS10 Black Haworthia
CS11 Blue cushion
CS12 Star Cactus
CS13 Bishop’s Cap cactus
CS14 Mexican Fencepost
CS15 Golden Barrel Cactus 2
CS16 Cactus Cushion
CS17 Blue Barrel Cactus
CS18 Onzuka
CSsb1 Power Puff Cactus
CSsb2 Lemon Ball cactus
CSsb3 Old man cactus
CS19 Silver Torch
CS20 Dwarf Organpipe cactus
CS21 Owl’s Eyes Cactus
CS22 Fish Hook Barrel
CS23 Snow Cap
CS24 Giant Barrel