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Book Illustration

Nosey Rosie

Dawn Donovan's Nosey Rosie was the first of my book collaborations, with 26 full-color paintings illustrating Dawn's charming story. 

Nosey Rosie is about a mischievous puppy whose curiosity often leads to trouble, but whose family loves her completely.

IAMT Training Manuals

These are a few examples from the 88 medical illustrations I produced for the physical therapy training manuals of the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatment.


ASBA Coloring Book

I created these five botanical color plates for submission to the American Society of Botanical Artists Coloring Book project. While these missed the cut for the color cover, two black and white plates--the Nasturtiums and English Walnut seen in Pen & Ink Archives--were chosen for the coloring book.

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